Using just the right words to tell your story. 

Let's be honest. You can't do what SO Many Words can do.

And that's why you're looking for an English-speaking freelance copywriter in Switzerland who can express your message using just the right words.

How does SO Many Words create original copy for you and your business? By diving into your world and soaking it all up. Think of SO Many Words as a long-distance teammate – we work with you to create texts that knock your socks off (and your customers’ socks, too!).

Flip through my portfolio and take a look at the copywriting services SO Many Words offers and then we can meet up to talk about you.

Copywriting SERVICES


Do you need English copy for your blog, newsletter, social media platforms or press kits? SO Many Words can create quality content for any of your print or digital marketing needs. 


Let SO Many Words be the author of your business' story and sew the red thread of authenticity that links your "who" and "how" with your products and services into your copy.


Revamping your website? Creating an app? SO Many Words uses UX and SEO best practices to craft clear, concise and catchy English text that enhance your business' digital channels.


SO Many Words translates German texts into captivating English copy that tells your story to an international audience. Make a great impression with correctly written English text.

About the freelance copywriter

I'm a native English speaker and a freelance copywriter with a degree in Journalism. 

I'm based in Switzerland, but I was born, raised and educated in North America (mostly the U.S.). I've worked for Omega SA and EF Education First and I've also written for Swatch and Rick Steves. In my spare time, I enjoy catering to my pet travel bug and immersing myself in the many beautiful cultures of the world.

Find out more about mewhat I do and what I've done, and how we can combine forces to achieve great things.