About me

Hi, I'm Samantha, the freelance copywriter / journalist behind SO Many Words.

It's nice to meet you. 

A native English speaker with a degree in Journalism, I have over five years of experience writing a variety of texts. From corporate copywriting, ghostwriting and PR, to social media, blogs, journalistic pieces and big brochures - I've done it all. 

I was born in Canada and raised and educated in the U.S. In 2011, I moved to Switzerland to start my career and a year later, I began working as an in-house copywriter for Omega SA in Biel. After several years, I switched industries and began writing for EF Education First's international boarding school, EF Academy, where I transformed their marketing material by creating a consistent and appealing voice used in every flyer, brochure, webpage, poster and sales tool. 

My passion really, truly is using my skills and creative abilities to tell a story, make an impact and enrich people's lives. If your company desires to do any of these things with your product, I believe we have the start of what could become a beautiful partnership. 

My freelance partners

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Ahoi Text

Text Agency (EN & DE)

Copywriting & proofreading in German and English. 

[Learn more on the blog]



Vincent Gschwindemann

UX/Visual Designer

Genius, functional visual design for digital marketing channels.

[Collaborations: Pryv | EF Academy


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Stephen Ferron

Freelance Copywriter (EN)

Swiss-based American copywriter specialized in video scripts & print ads. 

[Worked together @ Omega]