About me

Hi, I'm Samantha, the freelance copywriter / journalist behind SO Many Words.

It's nice to meet you. 

A native English speaker with a degree in Journalism, I have over five years of experience writing a variety of texts. From corporate copywriting, ghostwriting and PR, to social media, blogs, journalistic pieces and big brochures - I've done it all. 

I was born in Canada and raised and educated in the U.S. In 2011, I moved to Switzerland to start my career and a year later, I began working as an in-house copywriter for Omega SA in Biel. After several years, I switched industries and began writing for EF Education First's international boarding school, EF Academy, where I transformed their marketing material by creating a consistent and appealing voice used in every flyer, brochure, webpage, poster and sales tool. 

My passion really, truly is using my skills and creative abilities to tell a story, make an impact and enrich people's lives. If your company desires to do any of these things with your product, I believe we have the start of what could become a beautiful partnership. 

My freelance partners

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Ahoi Text

Text Agency (EN & DE)

Copywriting & proofreading in German and English. 

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Stephen Ferron

Freelance Copywriter (EN)

Swiss-based American copywriter specialized in video scripts & print ads. 

[Worked together @ Omega]

My network also includes excellent copywriters who create content in German, French and Italian.

storm digital experiences

When a project requires a bit more than just text, then I work together with my business partners at storm digital experiences. Together, we conduct user research and customer interviews to design and develop digital tools (websites, apps, intranets, portals) that are customized for your business.