Guest post on Ceci-Cela: copywriters and translators working together

In a previous post, I wrote about how and why copywriters and designers should work together. I spoke to my colleague Vincent Gschwindemann, a UX/Visual Designer, and Evelina Georgieva, the Chief Business Development Officer at Pryv, to get their opinions on why they think this type of collaboration is helpful and beneficial. To sum it up:

  • It saves time
  • It allows for a more direct flow between your freelance or in-house creative teams
  • It helps the copywriter write copy that fits into the design
  • It helps the designer create a design that supports the copy
  • Everyone is happy! 

As a part two of this article, I've written a post about how copywriters and translators can work together to improve any type of marketing piece that contains text. Similarly to a copywriter-designer collaboration, this one saves you time and it has the added benefit of ensuring that your voice and style is consistent across all languages. How? Head on over to Ceci-Cela Communication's blog to learn more and to read about how I worked with a translation agency and individual translators to nail a 90-page brochure printed in 10+ languages. 


About Ceci-Cela Communication

Ceci-Cela Communication is a text and translation agency based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Founded by Françoise Sauser, Ceci-Cela specializes in writing and editing texts in French and translating from German and English into French. Françoise supports companies with their print and digital projects. Her goal: to highlight your message. Keep an eye out for her blog post on SO Many Words coming soon! 

Multilingual projects with SO Many Words

In addition to creating awesome, original and concise content in English from scratch, SO Many Words also offers transcreation services from German to English. 

If your content will later be translated from English into other languages, SO Many Words can prepare a translation brief after creating your copy. You can present this brief to your translators before they begin working to ensure that they understand the message, vocabulary and terms that were used in English. This will help them find the best version possible in their own language. 

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