Presenting Ahoi Text

Once upon a time, there were three entrepreneurial, creative women who started their own businesses offering copywriting and copyediting services in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

Fast forward a few months and here we are. Those three women bonded over shared passion and experiences and decided to come together to offer their clients additional services in a second language through their network. This network has a name... ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to introduce the multilingual one-stop shop for all things with words: Ahoi Text

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Hoist the sails

Katrin, Claudia and I all understand the importance of a solid network. Individually, we have all worked with clients who have asked us if we could provide them with texts in another language. We believe in knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, and realized that the best way to support our beloved clients after our projects have come to an end was to point them in the direction of a colleague who could meet their copywriting and copyediting needs in English or German.

Meet the crew

Katrin Hasler, owner of ruby. ag

Consulting, concepts and copywriting in German for publications, advertising material, digital marketing, direct marketing and public relations. Katrin is based in Zurich.

Claudia Bartholdi, owner of Das letzte Auge GmbH

Editing and proofreading in German for journalism media, corporate communications, social media, blogs and lyrical texts. Claudia works out of Vaduz. 

And me, Samantha Oberholzer

Copywriting, proofreading and editing in English for digital marketing, corporate language, publications, public relations, social media and blogs. My office is just outside of Bern. 

Copywriting & copyediting coast guard

We specialize in copywriting and copyediting in German and English. Plain and simple. 

If you want to get into the nitty gritty, these are the types of projects that we have experience with and love to take on: 

  • Journalistic texts such as interviews, articles and ghostwriting
  • Internal and external corporate communications
  • Concepts and copywriting for advertising and marketing
  • Texts for digital marketing, social media, websites, blogs and cross-media marketing

(All of that in German and English, and only by native German and English speakers.)

Sail away

So, how does it work? 

Let's say you need website copy that you will use in German-speaking countries, but you plan on opening up your business to a more international audience and so you also want your website in English. 

You can start here: > That's where you'll find more information about our services and who we are, and you can reach out to us by email and tell us about what you have in mind. We'll help you come up with a solution. 

Or, let's say you start with English and choose to work with me. SO Many Words at your service. 

At some point during the briefing, you mention that the website will be translated into German. If you don't, I'll ask you if you will need your text translated (it's a standard question I ask during all of my client briefings). If you say yes, I can get you in direct contact with my Ahoi Text colleagues. Here are just a few benefits of working with the Ahoi Text crew:

  • You save time by avoiding the search for a German (or English) copywriter or copyeditor
  • Smooth, seamless collaborations because our crew works well together
  • Service providers you can trust because we trust each other (we wouldn't recommend someone we can't stand behind)
  • A multilingual website that jives in English and German

We'll answer your SOS

Ahoi Text is your starting point - our network is virtually infinite. We know seaworthy designers, developers, Wordpress experts, French and Italian copywriters, journalists and more. Whatever marketing adventure you're preparing to embark on, our crew can help you get to your destination with flawless, creative and original texts (and design) that tell your story and share your message.

Can't decide if you want to start in English or German?