Le networking, une démarche qui peut vous rapporter gros

Le networking, une démarche qui peut vous rapporter gros

GUEST POST Françoise Sauser, owner of Ceci-cela Communication and a fellow freelance writer who works in French, wrote this guest post about the importance of networking, particularly for self-employed superstars like ourselves. This blog post is actually an example of how freelancers can help each other out. Read on to find out what I mean.

Start-up Spotlight with
Heather Kelly @
Heather’s Choice

Start-up Spotlight with<br> Heather Kelly @<br>Heather’s Choice

I'm proud to feature this interview with Heather Kelly, founder of Heather's Choice and super-adventure woman (and former teammate!). Read through her Q&A to learn more about how her food start-up took off, what she's overcome on the road to success and what she's working on now as CEO. 

Marketing to Millennials:
6 lessons from an expert

Marketing to Millennials: <br>6 lessons from an expert

At a "Learning Lunch" event at La Werkstadt last Thursday, people from Generations X and Y learned how to create marketing material that speaks to their younger, cooler counterparts. Learn what you shouldn't do when advertising products & services for Generation Z.