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Yes. We live in a digital world. Now what? 

The words you use have a lot of different jobs: they need to convince, tell a story, work with search engines and create a holistic user experience. That's why you need a professional who can whip those words into shape and make them do what you want in 140 characters or less... or more.

SO Many Words can capture your story using just the right words and sell it with clear, concise copy. From your homepage and about page, to Google ads and social media campaigns, SO Many Words ensures that your message is consistent, your voice is unique and your vision shines. 

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Samantha Oberholzer is the freelance writer behind SO Many Words. Based in Switzerland but raised and educated in North America, this native English speaker has a range of copywriting experiences that include working with designers to create SEO-friendly and UX-optimized websites, putting together social media campaigns, researching and writing blog posts, and crafting scripts for promotional videos. 

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Samantha is a highly skilled copywriter. She is a gifted, imaginative and smart writer with an eye for detail. Any client would be lucky to work with Samantha as a copywriter and I look forward to continuing to work with her.
— Nicole Schüpbach, Head of Public Relations @ Swatch
People assume it takes a while to build trust, but this is not true when you start a collaboration with Samantha. She won my trust with her professionalism, agility and customer approach.
— Evelina Georgieva, Chief Business Development Officer @ Pryv
I was really impressed with how fast Samantha was able to understand our needs in a very complex topic – finance – and produce copy that really fit our request.
— Jeremy Cohen, CEO @ Simplewealth

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