How I work

5 steps to using SO Many Words' freelance copywriting services


1. Let's talk. In person, over the phone or using Skype, whatever you want, we'll set it up. You tell me about your company, target audience, key points and what kind of text/texts you need. 

2. The nitty-gritty. Once I have 360-degree view of what you need, I'll send you a free quote. Once we agree on a deadline and we've both signed SO Many Words' terms & conditions, I'll get to work. 

3. The ball is in my court. I'll take it from here, working on the text(s) we discussed and delivering a first draft by the established deadline. 

4. Your turn. You review the documents I sent and give me your feedback. I'll incorporate the changes ASAP and send you a second draft when it's ready. 

5. All set! Once you're happy with the text, it's all set. You use it and SO Many Words will send you an invoice when my work is done.