A new website for Innovation Lab Fribourg at HEG-FR


Samantha joined me on-site for a full day to tackle this project. It was a hyper-focused work day and we accomplished what we set out to do. I was impressed with the quality of her texts, especially since the timeline was so short.
— Xavier Bertschy, Host & Curator @ Innovation Lab Fribourg

The briefing

Xavier Bertschy contacted me with an unusual request. He wanted to work side by side to create a website in one day. The Innovation Lab already had a website, but the content was incomplete and uninspiring. The goal was to create the website content and several short blog posts and then to immediately implement the text into the Wordpress design. Some of Xavier's colleagues were apprehensive about launching a new website, so he wanted the new version to impress and convince them to go forward with the new option. 

the project

I joined Xavier at Innovation Lab at HEG-FR and worked with him on-site, writing about the same facilities that I was experiencing firsthand. As I wrote the text, Xavier played with the design. Then, we placed the text in the design and because were were sitting at the same table, we were able to fine-tune it in real-time. The final design contains limited text, but that text packs a punch and works on different levels to market the hub to an audience that includes students, faculty and external businesses. Xavier's colleagues were excited about the new website and it replaced the older version right away. 


Innovation Lab Fribourg website

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