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Samantha is a highly skilled copywriter. She is a gifted, imaginative and smart writer with an eye for detail. Any client would be lucky to work with Samantha as a copywriter and I look forward to continuing to work with her.
— Nicole Schüpbach, Head of Public Relations @ Swatch


SO Many Words supports Swatch with a range of marketing texts including press releases, email distributions, landing page and homepage texts, campaign slogans, product descriptions and social media ads. Below is a selection of samples: 

Press releases

Rocket Air 3000 highlights - sports event recap

Swatch flies high as official supporter of Drone Racing League World Championship

Swatch presents two awards at 70th Locarno Festival


Valentine's Day (send to store)

A Gala Night online pre-release

Summer bestsellers

New SKIN models

Product descriptions

Spring-Summer 2018 collection

Social media ads/campaigns

Holiday 2017

Swatch SKIN collection

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