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We urgently required the help of a professional copywriter and Samantha proved to be the right person for the job. She works fast and meets deadlines. Samantha is a passionate writer who quickly understood our technology and knew how to formulate complex processes using the right words. She has been a tremendous help and we can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional and experienced copywriter.
— Robert Brouwer, Co-founder and COO @ WeTagVideos

The briefing

Robert Brouwer from WeTagVideos contacted SO Many Words because he was in need of an freelance copywriter who could wrote a spot-on executive summary in English for his companies revolutionary technology. The executive summary would be used to share more detailed information with potential customers, who would get in touch with Robert and his business partner to arrange an in-person demo. The goal of the executive summary was to establish a consistent voice and language for WeTagVideos, describe what makes WeTagVideos unique and better than competitors and make it clear why a company should use the WeTagVideos tool. 


the project

After researching various ways of writing and presenting an executive summary, I put together a structure that met WeTagVideos' needs and goals. Once the section titles had been defined, I had to explain the tool in a way that could be easily and quickly understood by the target audience: senior-level decision makers in marketing. Not only did the language need to be clear, concise and comprehensible, it also needed to entice the reader and reflect the personality of this pioneering company and the revolutionary technology it was introducing. The resulting text was transformed into an attractive PDF with screenshots of the WeTagVideos tool and was attached to emails that Robert and his business partner sent out to key clients. 

Executive Summary

Following the executive summary, I also worked on a sales letter that WeTagVideos could send to cold contacts. 

Parts of the executive summary were also used on the WeTagVideos website. 


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