Texts that flow for an ocean-inspired eco-innovation biz



The briefing

WORX Design received a project from #tide, a new eco-innovation company that collects plastic trash from the ocean and transforms it into a granular material that can be used to create everyday products like furniture, clothing and watch straps. #tide needed the full works – a website, a press release, social media content, a B2B presentation and videos – and all of this required words. WORX was SO Many Words’ point of contact and gave the briefings for the various communication materials.

the project

I started with the press release because this gave me the chance to establish the voice that would be used in the other pieces of content. I used critical thinking while writing the text, coming up with questions that would anticipate what journalists might ask and keeping in line with one of #tide’s values: transparency. The goal was to create a text that sounded fresh and smart and also gave a clear overview of the entire process.

After the press release, the written content was adapted for the website and the critical questions I brainstormed became a FAQ section. Bits and pieces of the text were taken out and transformed into social media posts for Facebook and Instagram. Finally, I created scripts for two different kinds of videos – one presented #tide’s process (watch: “ocean-pulled plastic to products”) and the other introduced the potential of the granules (watch: “imagine #tide”).

Website: tide.earth
Press release: open PDF here
Video scripts: watch the videos below

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